The Wound (Prod by Flavamatik)

by ruyonga

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What's really going on...

From The Poetry Collection "The Theopolitan"
Produced by Flavamatik
Video by PapaShotIt

You can watch the video here:


Yeah, My country is wounded,
You would’ve thought I assumed it
But I closed my eyes and I zoomed in
And it was channeled through me like I tuned in
Those laments make me wish I were tone deaf
Cause they sang of fates far beyond death
Guess we’d always known it from the onset
But it took VPN to flip the on switch
And why they no longer hold these tears back
Has got little to do with your tear gas
No wonder more than a few of my peers splash
And sink to the bottom of that beer glass
Not that I condone it, but I can’t pretend
That I can’t see that it’s affecting them
(Cause) they were told they owned a voice in the matter
Only to get shown that voice didn’t matter
And that’s painful, and that’s shameful,
Just some more new decades of that same old
Full of broken hopes and empty promises
Just more unemployed kids from colleges
Wondering bout the worth of their scholarships
While there’s little progress in the parliament
Cause we’re trying to speak our freedom off of one
Who, was ready and willing to die for his,
And that’s the problem; we just don’t acknowledge it,
Just more products of that dirty politics,
Just more bribing, threats and more tally rigging,
Just more pre Election Day ballot ticking
Just so those in power get to stay in power
While the rest get stuck with the load shedding
Saying they’ll allow us have a say about it,
But when press start pressing, they oppress them,
Apparently only one has got the vision,
Maybe that’s why he keeps, blindsiding,
All forms of competition or opposition,
Maybe cause to him they’re all hindsighted,
They ain’t fore sighted, they’re too short sighted
To be honest, I ain’t really vibing with it,
Cause they walk like him and they talk like him
But they’re out here claiming they’ll be something different,
Honestly though, it ain’t even bout that,
Cause I haven’t walked a mile in their shoes
But all this pressure’s so bound to sprout wrath,
If we don’t find a way to deal with it soon
Cause my country is wounded, my city is wounded
Cause while some with silver get spoon-fed
Most dream of success they’ve not consumed yet
Licking wood, licking wounds, irritated
Cause they can’t even seem to get medicated,
Not that they don’t want it, they just can’t afford it,
Trying to build a dream but can’t pay labor for it
Yet you need a team just to pay it forward
Till it gets annoying and they can’t avoid it
So these peeps convene where their pain’s supported
And when someone yells rebel, they endorse it,
Cause you can’t rob the blind while they’re watching
And expect they not desire a kinder option
Any kind of option or alternative
You’ve enjoyed now they feel its their turn to live
They’ve watched you eat and they feel they deserve a bit,
Can’t you see them bleeding through that tourniquet?
When these student bodies lift a student’s body
Off a main street, cause the ruling party
Got some beef with opposition moving proudly,
Through that same street, what would you advise me
To relay on beats, Would you say to me?
To proclaim peace, when it ain’t peace?
When the rest die to share the same piece?
While most slices are stuck in the same teeth?
And the rest are starving like they ain’t eat?
Do we just sit back and watch the frame bleed?
I’m just saying examine the state, please?
Before we all pay till that stain’s clean, for that pained scream
Cause my City is wounded…
Yeah, my country is wounded…


released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved