Tutuuse ft Don MC Kapata

by ruyonga

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Tuliwano tuliwano Tutuuse.... featuring Don Mc Kapata....Off The Upcoming Album "Victory Music" out early 2013



Stepped off the Plane like, Eh, Ntuse
Ask them about me, Babuuze
Bout that guy, that went by, that name
Bad Guy in the Rap Game,
Bamuyitaani? Ruyonga
Need a Beat Killed? Tewali Nsonga
Flows we keep chilled, no need of a refill
Do whatever we feel, keep it all the way Real,
And if They still want Beef, we grill
I got no problem overpaying for the Heat Bill
Still, that young un running it on Nakasero Hill
So if you’re trying to tell me about emcees on my Heel?
Hold on…..

Bridge 1
( Wait A Minute x8 (Let’s Go!)
Wait A Minute x8 (Let’s Go!)
OooooohWeeeee!!! )

Tuliwano Tuliwano Tutuuse
Uh, Uh, Uh, Tutu tutu Tutuuse
Tuliwano Tuliwano Tutuuse
Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh Nabo Bategeze
Tuliwano Tuliwano Tutuuse
Uh, Uh, Uh, Tutu tutu Tutuuse
Tuliwano Tuliwano Tutuuse
Uh, Uh, Uh, Nabali Bategeze

Stepped in the Club like, Eh, Gwe
Batugambye Nti Walokose
Ate Siyegwe Wakose
Oluyimba “God Movesi” Ne Jose?
It feels like I’m messing with everybody
Atteneding every service, present at every party
Your Hottie wishing she could show me her brassiere probably,
Sorry, we’re monogamous over here, Mami
So I’ll be, the oddest sight at the Bar,
Trying to finish sipping this sprite through the straw,
Performing this track, give the DJ dap
Then sliding out the back while she’s trying to stop me like



Bridge 2
We don’t ever ever front (Repeat)
Bcoz we know who got our back (Rpt) Ru!
And if we left anyone (Rpt)
Tell them we’ll be right Back! (Ey!!!)
They don’t know that we’ve arrived? (Rpt)
Someone tell them that we Have! (Rpt)
Little Mama Wanna what? (Rpt)
Whoa Now it’s like that? (Whoa Now)
Hold On!!!...

Bridge 1



released October 12, 2012
Produced by JT for Yego Productions and Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Yego Studios



all rights reserved