Track Name: Beverly Hill Flow
Ru, What Up JT? Yego
It was all a dream, to shop when I’m getting the mills
Dreaming of what I’d cop in Beverly Hills
Got so much gwop I ain’t sweating the Bills
Put it all on the tab, get whatever you feel
I’d have the, money, the cars, the honeys in awe
Getting Valet Parked right infront of the stars
I’m talking name plaque Hollywood Boulevard
And only Moguls trading numbers could pull my card
VIP at the Bar with the Entourage
So paid every car got it’s own garage, yeah
We’d be dreaming, Willie Beaming
I’d be a cut above it all, Guillotining
First Class, so paid I’d burp cash
Till I was standing out like The Eddie Murph laugh
Showing up at the party in the latest Ferrari,
Yeah I know I dreamt shallow, I’m sorry

Africans trying to get out the slums
Americans wanna move out the Hood (Yeah)
We all hate when we’re out of funds
And everyone dreams they could go Hollywood
And Just Do It
(So Beverly Hills)

It was all a nightmare, it was so close that it’s right there
I’d just need the right pair of shoes and the right gear
The right A and R would hear me say a bar
Then guarantee I’m a star by this time tomorrow
I’d do the right songs, put them on the right album,
They would all be mixed down to the right volume
I’d do the right shows, be on all the right tours
Sell the right amount of copies out of the right stores
Man, I had it all planned out just right
From the hooks to the subjects on which I must write
Thinking this just might be the day, be the night
I thought that Everytime they gave me the mic
But instead, everyone you couldn’t pay me to like
Was getting paid to rap till I was fading to black
They were basically asking me not to get my hopes up
Guess that must have been the moment that I woke up
Track Name: Inside My Heart - RudeBuoy Music
Look in these eyes you’ll see the dark
That little space Inside my Heart
(………..deBuoy Music, ha)
The Darkest side withholds the light
The Light that brightens me inside

Yo I’m a Beat Slaying Shooter, word to D J Aludah
That boy a lyrical killer, only Mackenzie is ruder
The flow, so anointed it makes demons sing Hallelujah
I’ll be hot at 100, getting Crim like Byg Kahuna
I, hit them with the Riddim from here to Beekay
This Ugandan kid’s redefining UGK
Every track, I be leaking to Mister DeeJay
Got them screaming REEWWIND, Instant Replay
I don’t just deliver with flows, I deliver these souls
In the name of the only life giver we know
Ex sinner, I ain’t claiming I ain’t sinning no more
But I’m washed in his blood, no sink and no soap, Boy
I go realer till it got them going Ape, Man
Flows turn a critter to a Beast like Space Jam
See it used to be my only agenda
Round the opposite gender was get her alone and then bend her
But I’m reformed now, see I done calmed down
Aint just trying to hit it everytime I perform now
Look into my eyes, then it was only dark clouds
Put your ear to my chest and hear how my heart pounds
I used to get my rapper cassetes from Sharp Sounds
Went to Wandegeya to learn they shut that shop down
Product of K’la town, homey we do not clown
You can’t push us or budge us because we’re standing our ground


We’re getting money over here
Switched positions and now we’re getting money over there
You don’t even want to bring your honey over here
Cause she gone start blushing acting funny with her hair
And I ain’t even said nothing, I ain’t even on that
And still she bugging over my lines like a phone tap
Thinking cause I’m now saved that I won’t snap
I’m locking the spot down, we’re gone need a zone map
I ain’t perfect, so now that we got that out of the way?
Hm, How do I say it? Homey I’m pretty close
Lyrically wile out like I don’t know how to behave
And I’m so fresh I don’t know how to decay
I’m one of the best, coming out of EA
So either get with the programme or get out of the way,
It got crowded in KLA since I’ve been away
And still I’m loud and unashamed and proud to be saved,
I’m on the move, all you can do is acknowledge me
Trail Blazer living by the scorched earth policy
My paper scraping take them on a space odyssey
Walking that fine line between dishonesty and modesty
Cockiness and confidence, my dominance is obvious
I’m about my paper now I’m surrounded by copiers?
Tell them they can not be us, we need more originals
Me and JT came up in a game of individuals,(Urban Life)
Before the decimals…..

Track Name: Hey Love ft Domanique Grant (Prod. OD)
Hey Girl, I’m trying to come at you in,
In the right way, you know, in a Godly way
I ain’t been that saved that long so I don’t exactly
Know what that means, but um,
I’m doing my best, you know

Hey Girl, you look like a dream to me,
First crush of a teen dummy,
You make my speech funny, it’s so hard to compose
Feeling akward like snot’s running out of my nose
See us holding hands, trading stolen glances
Smile bright as the flame of golden candles
But when I try to put the paint on the canvas
Politely you brush me off
How a touch this soft can so crush my heart,
So forcefully, don’t torture me
Tried to keep it real, no forgery
Kinda/Counter fit the Bill, you’re kind of quick to steal, Grand Larceny
Heart heavy that you’re not ready, still I’m stone facing
Rock steady, no stone mason
Too many hit singles in rotation
To not rate on your radio station

Hey Love,
Things that I would do to be with you
Hey Love
Just a Smile and you leave me renewed
Hey Love
It’s the thought of you that gets me through
Hey Love………………..
Hey Girl, you feel like reality,
I'm need a way to fit your bill like a Salary
Just to foot the bill like, running off a calorie
to get to ride in like the calvary, guessing that
you couldn't be sicker of, pick up lines that can't
ride up n pick you up, instead of try to stick you up
cause some of what's promised be, highway robbery
eyes saying, you ain't gotta try to be my lottery
but just don't lie to me, I can dig the honesty
Got a couple things I gotta harness that are not a steed
dear Pocahontas, but I have sowed a lotta seed
that I bet'll finally, grow into the finest tree
and a house by the sea, I ain't trying to buy the beach
just a spot when we're done swimming you can dry your feet
I know love minus (all) provision is hypocrissy
and I'm a put in work, that's a promise AND a prophecy
Track Name: A Piece of Heaven ft GNL, Nyonyozi and J C Muyonjo - RudeBuoy
You know um, today, makes it
2 years, living in your memory
Rest In Peace

She was taking her daughter to see the game,
And this was way bigger than the cranes,
They both felt the buzz, and the excitement
But happiness wasn’t the only thing being ignited (nope)
He was only nine, supporting spain
But the family could not foresee the pain or the flames,
All he left was a red scarf,
A toy mascot and too many broken hearts,
Uh, If we wanna deliver lessons
Use intellect and discretion instead of Violence and Weapons,
Like 2010, July the Eleventh
Why can’t we all cooperate and share a piece of heaven?
United by a scar, we stand against Terror
Hand in hand, no weapon can tear us
Every Ugandan, standing together
One Voice, we are louder than ever, we Vuvuzela

J C Muyonjo
We learn to Smile thru the pain
the Sun shines thru the rain
No Matter the weather
we stand together
though you might've passed away
still your memory remains
in our hearts foreverd
our own piece of heaven

It go love, hate, these four letter words
face off (at) against each other in the war of the worlds
July eleventh, time of the world cup finals,
The crowd of people watching from the rugby club, live, it
Was only three minutes to the end of the game
Iniesta, had just scored that one goal for Spain,
who could've foreseen, the oncoming pain
and the body parts flying through the sky like, rain
as the highlight, what kind of low life scum
takes the first time Africa, hosts the world Cup
and turns it into this? where is the humanity?
these people had loved ones, friends, family
You tell Al Shabab it takes more than a bomb
to stop us, under God, being linked arm in arm
and to those that mourned, we dont forget you, we mourn witchu
so stand knowing we standing right along witchu,
To those gone, we miss you


Uh, Listen

Track Name: Reset (Prod. Federal)
Ru, Federal, Kinetic, Yego
Hello and welcome to the future
lets take a moment to kill the minutia
pull the curtain from the fallacy to reveal falluja
rip the fabric straight from the fabrication
force you to see past the fashion
to reveal the fascism fascination
we're in it Boss, at the mercy of television screens
computer controlled machines and photoshopped magazines,
they're manipulating scenes, reaching into our dreams
distracting us from noticing we're living in a regime
that’s making decisions for us in lives they claim, we run
viewing mental slavery as freedom, we dumb
- distracted by naked legs and bullet slugs
forgetting to reach for the backs of our necks and pull the plugs

Reset! Homey you should get your mind renewed it's
probably been corrupted since the last time you used it
Eject!, you are headed into course collision
whether or not you shun God or support religion so
Reset!, Homey you should get your mind renewed it's
probably been exposed to the wrong kind of music
Eject!, I know you loving living lost but listen
if I was you, I'd abort the mission and off switch it

Now welcome to the irony, social, network
where you can claim you love somebody though you never met her
and speak for hours on the net like you’re a social expert, when
you probably would fail to conversate if you met in person
your palms are sweaty, your legs are shaky, you're getting nervous
it got you claiming your BETA version's your better version
like if human contact was averted, life'd be per-fect
and if you really want to get to know me read my word-press
welcome to the city of brains
where bodies never leave sofas till we're literal lames
they got you shooting up these video games,
but you should take a sec to see who's
really hunting and who's really the game!


Welcome to the web of blogs, debit cards, credit cards
online bank accounts, bank amount checking calls
check your balance, press one, prestige, foreign flights
automatic access to overseas porn sites
we surf for recreation, but noone's on the beach
soon as we barely learn, everyone wanna teach
everyone's on their Wii, but me is all they view
and everyone wanna delegate but no one wanna do
Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, Imac
Ichat, but actual hard work, I can't
speaking of eye, that webcam you view people through
Is probably in secret used to peep a view of you so…

Track Name: Grab My JVC (Prod. Bishop)
(Grab My JVC, Pop in a Cassette)
(Have the people stomping to my Beats, you bet)
(Grab My JVC, Pop in a Cassette…)
(…Have the people stomping to my Beats, you bet)

I was that kid on the block that didn't diddy the bop
on the scene trying to find something pretty to knock
fascinated with rap, I thought I'd give it a shot
and when it started pouring out, homey it didn't stop
it came natural to me, had the people in shock
he's East African, how he sound like he was from Watts?
mixing the smoothness of Biggie with getting deep like he Pac,
ripping beats with a passion that causes speakers to pop, its like I

(Grab My JVC,) eh eh eh, ( Pop in a Cassette…) I bet I,
(…Have the people stomping to my Beats, you bet) as I
(Grab My JVC,) eh eh eh, ( Pop in a Cassette…) I bet I,
(…Have the people stomping to my Beats, you bet) as I
(Grab My JVC,) eh eh eh, ( Pop in a Cassette…) I bet I,
(…Have the people stomping to my Beats, you bet) So UG
(Grab My JVC,) hey hey hey, ( Pop in a Cassette…) I bet I,
(…Have the people stomping to my Beats, you bet)

Who thought that anyone could make being old school so cool,
something like that 8 track data meeting pro tools
How I finesse my beat be, sweet as sweet tea
and with a Boss like mine, nobody could defeat me
Boss of all bosses, Heaven for an office
earth for an ottoman, I work for the lord of men
all of them, every last one, he's everlasting
and when he bring the noise, speakers stay forever blasting


Though I like good shoes, i'm not a sneaker head
I grew up where they cut you open for a piece of bread
they call it third world, I call it never land
where people never stop to stress what they never had
use my pen and pad like sword n shield, serve you like an ordered meal
slaughter till, ghosts get like label heads n know the deal
on the reel, we fishing with every line
know that whatever you start, we'll finish it everytime, Yego!...

Track Name: Grind Ethic (Prod. OD)
Cats be asking me,
Yo, isn’t God going to provide?
Why are you always grinding all the time?
You must not have read the Bible, dogg…..Heh

You don't work, you don't eat
coz with no dirt, you cant grow seed
grind till it hurts, sweat till you bleed
and if there's no other way, Lord let it be

Uh, Look
It’s the authentic, prophetic, where the rest
seem prosthetic, I spit it like I was made
in my pop's image, in here to inherit my spot
why you think I'm about my pop's business
my plot, I've been searching for crop, to drop in it
non stop, even work when it's hot, I'm not finished
I bleed, putting seed in the soil, for increase
in deed, if I'm needed to toil, i dig deep
six feet, where the dead feed the living, take root
in the right ground, so it doesn't bear, strange fruit
they shoot, like a war in beirut, while I stay hate
proof, and I come back swinging like Babe Ruth
Base truth on no other foundation, that solid rock
is the one I put my faith in, so whatever I'm facing'll
be forced to face him, like we traded places or
switched faces, now thats a facelift


I’m a, good steward staying fly, no stewardess
that still journey where its gutter as a sewer gets
still carry my cross with a thoroughness
empowered to bear that burden, no surrogates
a bird in covenant is worth more
than a whole flock of them when you're morally dirt poor
know what you're on earth for, I don't just work hard, I work smart
there's too many just working to work, thats the worst part
I learned to work the hard ground like a work of art
Stick around, homey, I'll show you how to work a job
And get a hustle on though I never cooked crack
And once I put my hand to the plough, I never looked back,
(The) weight of the world on my shoulders seems so big
but I move like it's easy because of who I'm yoked with,
I don't see how y'all can lack for paper
when the harvest is so massive we seeking more labor


It’s time to get blessed for the meal
Homey dig this, I'm the best in my field
meaning any challenge I work is gone yield,
fruit in it's time let the suspense, build
Ruffle Birds nests with the words
Trust me cowboy, forget what you Herd
I could go the polite way and try to be reserved
but Most of it's Bull if the honesty's preferred
I don't do beef with Herbs, keep the meat n veg separate
like un balancing the diet is the best method
I stand on the corner stone the builder refused
and that rock won't string you along like Led Zepellin
never do bread leavened, el naturale
that's why we stay energetic where they lack morale
drunk off the fountain of youth, never tapping out
A man that pack punches for days, Manny Pacqiao!!!


Track Name: Natural Selection ft Enygma, Benny Black and Olee Branch (Prod. Olee Branch)
Whatup, Olee Branch?
We’re making History with this one right here

Uh, Uh, slicker than a French Leave
Bars that jump the fence quicker on these emcees
Lyrics that they’ll recite, endear as they tell the plight
Of my constituents, to the listeners we’re MPS,
See, we illuminate all the valid topics
It’s like the radio phone lines are Ballot boxes,
Discussing sentences a cut above the censorship
But only with the legitimate representatives
Government merited for my special intelligence
This delegate never been delicate fresher than Delident
Should’ve vaccinated what my Momma was pregnant with
Came out the womb ill and been killing it ever since
Yeah, that’s what they’re mad at us for
My styles are something I never had to brush off
How I’m rapping thus far, got them stressing me to
Run for Office, here’s the thing, I’d rather just walk

Ey, Cancel The Election
You are now rocking with the Natural Selection
Ey, Cover me I’m going in
Olee bring the horns in, it’s like we’re getting sworn in

I’d like to welcome y’all to my swearing in ceremony
The verse is a curse, so I swear at the ceremony,
Hearing the testimony, even Roger Mugisha’s
Recommending the Referendum to earn me this Silly money
This is my Victory Speech, my Manifesto with the Man
Who sits with M.anifest is fixing the streets
Picture the scene, zero negatives after this conquest
We develop positives like a Besigye blood test,
Lyrical political figures when this Ballad drops
Your woman is rigorous so I’m stuffing her Ballot Box,
Going Gaga but she’s no lady in Parliament, bring
Your knife to a Gun Fight, I’m an M-80, you’re a Kadaga,
No propaganda, I rep Uganda with proper grammar
Natural Selection professional rapping with perfection,
Master Intercession, playing on political systems
Cause everyone feeling these joints like Malaria symptoms


Benny Black
Benny, Uh, Yeah
Black in the White House, the irony, I rule entirely
With Tyranny, only a wheel is gone retire me,
Like Glue in a socket, I stick to power, I’m in a Position
To see your position simply get killed and devoured,
I guess I am a President with a couple of Vices
This compromises my position, my soul as cold as ice is,
And here’s some food for thought for you like Condoleeze Rice is
Going to war with me is looking for Tears, it’s a Crysis,
Benny Black the one and only, I got Beef
With competition I don’t wanna meet/Meat/Mitt, Romney!
He is fired like a Joint, stake Out
And Benny Black, he’s back in The State House,
With the first Lady, but not the last one
In many Presidential suites, I always pull a fast one
I walk with my cane, for any sick hater
And I’m pretty **expletive** up, They call me a Dictator!


Olee Branch
This is For The People, By The People
It’s not Political, Just, Lyrical
Olee Branch

Told You, Future Making History
There you have it, Ug HipHop First Lady
So Presidential, Haha……..
Track Name: No Satisfaction (Prod. Dub Citizen)
(Hopefully you know who it is)
Uh, (ey), Ru, Yego and Kinetic, Victory Music

I – I – I used to wake up chasing fame, chasing paper chasing dames
homie i straight became a pro at this chasing game
I chased that rum with vodka, that Happy Grass with beer
and cause it got me laid, I chased a Rap career
I started chasing that American dream
go head and get your cheddar by any and every means
it's cash rules everything around me, I was getting that cream
with a whole lot of partying and sex in between
I was that guy, chasing the high, and I don't mean hello,
cuties would get the whistle, quick as tea in a kettle
mix jokes with inuendo and throw some weed in the middle
of drugs, sex and the music but what, left me confused is I
had my fill of every desire that would tempt me
but woke up in the morning feeling just as empty
need to grow up cuzz, i ain't getting no younger
but all that seems to be growing is the hunger, homey, I

(I can’t get no)
I can't get no satisfaction, no
and this here is the saddest fact, you know
I've done it all as a matter of fact but yo
I can't get no, no
I can't get no satisfaction, no
not even off that thrill's last reaction, though
every last one had its passion
I still can't get no satisfaction

I woke up in the bed, of a beautiful dancer
I'd spent the night chasing, and felt lucky to capture
felt at the time like I could spend forever looking at her
and now it's barely dawn and I'm already looking past, her
what am I chasing? Huh? what is the goal?
it's obviously more than just finding someone to hold
and what's it doing to my soul, what am I becoming?
cause I left her asleep, and went from chasing to running
it wasn't that I ain't have fun, don't get me wrong
it's just that when all of that's done, nothing's resolved
i'm still searching, still seeking my purpose
Still nervous at the thought of a future that’s uncertain
so Lord, though I know I'm a sinner, still I need an answer
what should I be chasing? obviously not a dancer
cause minus you i've chased everything
and though I caught most of it, one statement remains I


Why do I spend dough for what is not bread?
And my wages for what doesn’t satisfy?
Sowing much and reaping little?
Eating without having enough?
Drinking without being filled?
Rubbing myself without warmth?
Earning my wages to put it into a bag of holes?
I tried Lord, Why Lord?

Track Name: Let It Go ft The Mith and Lyrikal Proof (Prod. Aethan)
Guess who, Yego and Kinetic, Klarity Records,

We Heard you’re holding grudges, maybe you should
Let it Go (Raah!)
Lyrically we ain’t known for Holding Back, we
Let it Go (Raah! Raah!) Let it Go (Raah!)
You need to Let it Go (Raah! Raah!) Let it Go (Raah!)
I’m a Let them Know (Raah!)
You claim you’re holding heat, well maybe you should
Let it Go (Raah!)
Got our grip on the game and don’t intend to
Let it Go (Raah!) Let it Go (Raah!)
You should Let it Go (Raah!) Let it Go (Raah!)
Somebody Let them Know (Raah!)

Lyrikal Proof
They got me feeling like the Modern day Berry Gordy
Hardly getting signed to get a record, put a label on it,
They know I run it like we’re trying to pull a riot, Homey
Kayihura better hook some rappers up with bars, Homey,
I think they’re photogenic, I think I’m so authentic
And just to prove it, do a track with Ruyonga on it,
I let them get it, give them checks in on reality
Klarity‘s a virtue, Royalty in all the poetry,
How Can you not crown me? These other rappers make you dance
How can you not crown me? Cause everything I pen is nice?
A n***a know drastic, I’m rocking Heavy Metal
Till the streets can’t hear you when you’re spreading all the rumors
N***as telling lies I address it like the postman
And then I’m burning bread like I’m toasting from out of Hell,
N***as talking reckless, I’m popping with no Champagne
Swag on a level so serious, Lukwago, I’m gone!


The Mith
I earned my position through my decisions, A Boss, Pa
A greater vision on top of missions, no porn star,
I am Beyond Bars, Though I don’t floss much
I am beyond Buzz, you’re never on Par,
The writing used, magazines need to hire dude
I paragraph to excellence, punctuate to stop these fools,
Cocky, smooth, some of the words used, to describe this dude
But do not test my cool, when it’s war, I will never lose
All that hate, you better Let it Go, I’m from a place where
When you call my name, the knuckles are bound to get involved,
It’s Kinetic, homey, Yego! And Klear Kut,
So official how we griiiind for the Peso,
I let it go when Cedric say so, write your
Orbituary since you’re down to play roles,
Uh um, play dead, Amen, Then I play
My verse for the Po-po if they really want a statement,


These Kings go mental on the instrumental
Twitter followers get lead, with or without the pencil
The rest nothing against you, but I am one of a kind
Any rapper resemblance is purely coincidental,
Wanna beef to get monumental? I could monument you
You wanna go hard on your block? Cool, I could cement you
I ain’t trying to be sinful, but I’m liable to end you
Now and later freestyle a rhyme to repent to,
They bugging off my fly vernacular, would die for my Diaspora
Ruling over my castle, I school them more than a chancellor,
Armed as tarantulas, my maker built me for war
More prone to destroy a stereotype than build a rapport,
The stone the builder ignored it, deserved his biggest attention
And like, Children aborted, the biggest misconception,
Is that it’s cheap, to freely rid you of your imperfections
I had to get torn down, to get rebuilt with this introspection,
Let it Go!

Track Name: Soldier UgaFlow Remix (Prod. OD)
(Remix, Ugaflow, Yego, Kinetic, Supanova )
We don’t battle flesh and blood, but powers, principalities,
Rulers of darkness of this age and spiritual wickedness in
High places, for the weapons of our warfare aren’t carnal
But mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds
So don’t be dismayed because of the great multitude, for the
Battle is not yours but God’s, and he is holy and enthroned in the
Praises of his People….

Ha, Raaah! Look!
I’m a Soldier, in the army
The front lines is where you’re guaranteed to find me
The war in front of me and my weapon beside me,
And warriors with wings in front of and behind me,
The armour on me tested in many battles
Invisible apparatus in the only war that matters,
My Shield what I believe and my sword what I speak
so you could say I’m literally armed to the teeth,
I test fate, my breastplate, call it my righteousness plate
Weapon made of love so I bulletproof vest hate,
Helmet of salvation so my head straight, life is a
Contact sport so I don’t spectate, something to gestate,
And marinate on, inside this cape and this suit
The belt that keep my pants held round my waist is the truth
Feet covered in the gospel, running it through this track
A modern day apostle, send the spirit back into the fossil

Ndi Mujasi, Eh, Mu Maje, Sebbo x2
Ga Katonda, Ye Sebbo x2
Kyi? Ssebo ye Ssebo x2
Are you a Soldier? Yes, In the army,Sir x2
In the army? YesSir, of the Lord? Yes Sir?
What? Sir Yes Sir! X4

Yeah, I’m a soldier, yeah a soldier
Like Moja, Mbili tatu Moja
Eh, Olyotya, Ebigambo bya Katonda byokya
Kuva Lusaka paka Kamokya
Ndi Mujasi, womuKama akuwonya nga Kyapambalasi
Atambula nebamalaaya na baraasi, God is my witness
He abolish every sickness with quickness, vicious
Paint it like pictures when I’m trading Mic scriptures
His word is something I treasure like riches,
Back when I couldn’t get it together like stitches
He rebooted my system and fixed all the glitches,
So now I wait on the lord, tewali mpaka
Twava mu taka, tuja kuda mu taka,
Wenkolela ali Kabaka waba Kabaka
Ajokufuga Ensi Yona, Paka!


I’m in a war though I ain’t even trying
They know it’s all based on if I center my mind
So I walk boldly behind enemy lines
Laughing, cause I know the battle ain’t even mine
So persecuted I don’t see people, I see Evil
And I know that they don’t see me, they see the Holy G
So greater’s in me than in them, with me than with them
You wanna match wits, go ahead then
But just look at who I’m is, look at who you are
Look at who I’m with, and look at who you brought
This ain’t a battle it’s a beating, you know you should be pleading
And if you had a heart, the world would hear it beating
So I endure hardship like a true soldier
Affairs of this life don’t move me, they’re soon over
The game is rigged, the battle’s already won
I just gotta still be standing when the war is done

Track Name: Go Through it Too ft J C Muyonjo (Prod. BMII)
Uh, RU!, Big Ups BMII
Yeah I go through it too,
Yego, Kinetic, Haaa,
Thank God for Honesty…

Yeah, go head and tell them how you would handle it
When it goes even better than you imagined it
With a steez so smooth that it’s immaculate
Speak so much truth, in the booth you’d think I’m catholic
But the difference is, when they speak their mind,
Their secrets remain theirs, but everyone hears mine
It’s rare times, on this journey I don’t steer blind
Still hoping one day that God’ll give me a sign
I can really recognize, I reckon the second the
Record dies, my day of reckoning will have then arrived
Will I get penalized? Will it all be proven to have
Been contrived and made clear that I never even tried?
I leave stages as I, receive praises from sweet faces
As knowing smiles get exchanged between strangers
Yeah I could be saved, but, that don’t mean raving like
Teenagers over my music is no longer deemed dangerous

You may not know it
But I too have moments
When I don’t know what to do
Yes I go through it too
I may not show it
May not expose it
But I’m like if only you knew
Yes I go through it too
You may not know it…….

Yeah, that’s how it always seem to begin
The blushing, the gasping, the unbeatable grin
We never met, so there’s no way that we could be friends
But with the right lighting and sound, we could pretend
We in the club with the vibrating subs as the
Gyrating rubs got them irate and acting up
Or it’s just after youth afternoon service
dudes flirting soon as the Pastor declares that Church is wrapping up
Look, I could get stuck on the hypocrisy
Or realize that making a change starts with me
I learnt that gifts ain’t always fruit when I met loose
seductive cute, chicks, that were still, accurate with prophecy
Had stopped the fornicating a year and a half straight
Then all of that changed on my last date, I’m sad to say
And I could either sit and wallow or pick up and move
- Voice telling me that I’m the one that gets to choose

Track Name: Reap What You Sow ft J C Muyonjo (Prod. BMII)
(Produced by, BMII)
Yeah, Messed up, it’s Messed up Girl
Still I guess that’s just the way it go,
Uh, Yeah,

And you Reap (You Reap) What You Sow (What you sow)
And You Eat (You eat), what you grow (What you grow),
So don’t you act like you don’t know (you know),
Coz You know, (you know) you know
(Cause you Reap) Reap (What You Sow) What you sow
(And You Eat) eat, (what you grow) What you grow,
(So don’t you act like you don’t know) cause you know,
(Coz You know, you know, you know)…..

Yeah, girl you done hit me in the head with,
This one, telling me who you just slept with,
I’m tripping, Yeah girl I know I did the same, but that
Was, different, and why am I in so much pain?
Knowing some other dude touched your frame
And I don’t even know his name,
Matter of fact I don’t want to know his name
Cause I might just go insane,
Girl I thought you were my Lois Lane, And I was your Superman
Now all I am is Super mad thinking of the encounter that you just had
And I cannot help but wonder, was he better, what was it like?
Was it just once or did y’all go twice? Or did that brother go all night?
C now I’m messing with myself, I doubt I ever felt this self-conscious
I should’ve known one day I’d know what it must’ve felt
When you’d learned what I had done, getting caught when I tried to hide it,
so I no longer tried to front, and how you cried and cried
I guess that payoff is a mother, and empty is her son
As we betray more than each other, girl what have you done?


Yeah, so now I’m chilling on this couch
Accusing in my heart, full of myself in this empty house
And I can not help but think, about my Auntie who stay in church
So I call her and tell her all of what went down and the way it hurts
And she says baby hear me out, there’s two thieves on either side of Jesus
Who both deserve to be where they at, they just disagree on how they see it,
One’s like, if you’re who you say you are then get me out this Jam!
The other’s like have mercy and please remember who I am
And child I know that you’re in enraged but now there’s no one else to blame
You made that bed where you lay your head, but I know one who’s felt your pain,
See everyone of us is thieves, and we all deserve to hang
But there’s one who never stole, who took our place up on that pole
So you can let that anger eat you up, let that reflection beat you up
Keep letting your enemy keep you down, or let your only hope lead you up
Stop trying to think u tough, I need u to know
That I love u but that don’t change that you WILL reap what u sow